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Triangle Nursery Parent Taster Session
19 September 2018

The parents of new pupils attending Triangle Nursery were invited to sample a selection of the menu on offer this term.

Lambeth Schools Awards Financial Performance Winner
12 July 2018

Congratulations to Ernestina Adjakra who won the award for the Top Financial Performance

Lambeth Schools Awards Marketing & Events winner
12 July 2018

Congratulations to John Page and the team at Christchurch Brixton for winning the Marketing and Events Award

Lambeth Schools Awards Customer & Client Satisfaction Winner
12 July 2018

Congratulations to Diane Norfield for winning the award for Customer & Client satisfaction

Lambeth Schools Awards Customer & Client Satisfaction Winner
12 July 2018

Congratulations to Janet Lawer who won the Award for Customer & Client Satisfaction

Lambeth Schools Awards Operational Excellence
12 July 2018

Congratulations to Olutayo Awogboro for winning the Award for Operational Excellence

Lambeth Schools Awards Rising Star
12 July 2018

Congratulations to Nina Braithwaite who won the award for being the Rising Star

Lambeth Schools Awards Certificate of appreciation
12 July 2018

Congratulations to Karen Williams who was awarded a certificate of appreciation

Lambeth Schools Awards Certificate of appreciation
12 July 2018

Congratulations to Jackie Powell who was awarded a certificate of appreciation

Lambeth Schools Awards Certificate of appreciation
12 July 2018

Congratulations to Giovanna Norval who was awarded a certificate of appreciation

Lambeth Schools Awards Operations Manager Bronze Award
12 July 2018

Congratulations to Tracey Jeeves who won the Operations Managers Bronze award

Lambeth Schools Awards Operations Manager Silver Award
12 July 2018

Congratulations to Janet Shogbonyo who won the Operations Manager Silver Award

Lambeth Schools Awards Operations Manager Gold Award
12 July 2018

Congratulations to Taibat Ganiyu for winning the Operations Managers Gold Award

Consortium & Litmus Partnership award Best Production Kitchen
12 July 2018

Congratulations to the team at Holy Trinity for winning the Consortium & Litmus Partnership award for Best Production Kitchen

Consortium & Litmus Partnership award best run catering operations school kitchen
12 July 2018

Congratulations to the team at Turney school for winning the Consortium & Litmus Partnership award for the best run catering operations school kitchens

Consortium & Litmus Partnership award Best run Dining Centre
12 July 2018

Congratulations to the Team at St Saviours for winning the Consortium & Litmus Partnership award Best run Dining Centre

Consortium & Litmus Partnership award Most improved catering operations
12 July 2018

Congratulations to the Team at Walnut Tree for winning the Consortium & Litmus Partnership award Most improved catering operations

Lambeth School Awards Team Photo
12 July 2018

The Lambeth schools team joined together to take a Team photo to celebrate the end of another successful academic year of school catering

Jojoe visits St Bedes
22 June 2018

Jojoe paid a visit to St Bedes Catholic Infant School summer fair to help promote caterlink school meals.

Jojoe visits Loughborough
21 June 2018

Jojoe visited Loughborough primary school for the schools international themed picnic. Jojoe was treated to a menu of Italian herb roasted chicken or English Cheddar cheese wraps, Mediterranean vegetable quiche, Crudite sticks, Caribbean Ginger sponge. Jojoe even had a special photo taken with the Headmistress

Fathers Day St Stephens
20 June 2018

The pupils at St Stephens enjoyed a special themed lunch with their Fathers for Fathers day

Cupcake donations for Summer Fates
20 June 2018

Working in partnership with our schools Caterlink has committed to donating Cupcakes for sale at Summer Fates. The tasty treats look amazing with our Caterlink logo

Jubilee Primary School Eid Picnic
19 June 2018

The pupils at Jubilee Primary School celebrated Eid with a special picnic

Fathers day lunch St Bedes
15 June 2018

The pupils and their fathers enjoyed a special celebration lunch for fathers day

Allen Edwards Fathers Day Lunch
08 June 2018

The pupils at Allen Edwards had a special fathers day themed lunch. The fathers joined their children for lunch.

Added Benefits Session Sudbourne Primary School
04 June 2018

The pupils at Sudbourne Primary School enjoyed the taste and sensory added benefits session and healthy eating assembly

Royal Wedding Lunch
18 May 2018

The team at Loughborough School hosted a Royal wedding lunch with a typically British themed menu

Royal wedding Lunch at St Bedes
18 May 2018

The team at St Bedes School celebrated the Royal wedding with a themed lunch. The team decorated the tables and the pupils were all dressed in formal wedding attire

Royal wedding lunch at Christchurch Brixton
17 May 2018

The team at Christchurch Brixton celebrated the Royal wedding with a Special Themed menu

St Georges Day at St Stephens
23 April 2018

St Stephens celebrated st Georges day with a Themed menu

St Georges Day at St Andrews
23 April 2018

St Andrews School Celebrated St Georges day by Cooking a Themed Menu

St Georges Day at Allen Edwards
23 April 2018

The team at Allen Edwards Celebrated St Georges day by cooking a Themed Lunch

St Georges Day at Archbishop School
23 April 2018

The team at Archbishop celebrated St Georges day by cooking a themed lunch menu

St Judes Easter Lunch
18 March 2018

The team at St Judes provided a special themed lunch to help the pupils celebrate Easter

Mothers Day Lunch
14 March 2018

The pupils at St Bedes School invited their mothers in to have a Special Mothers Day Lunch

Christchurch Brixton Celebrate The Chinese Year of the Dog
20 February 2018

John Page and the Team at Christchurch Brixton celebrate the Chinese year of the Dog by serving a themed lunch

Kings Avenue Added Benefits Bread Making
08 February 2018

The Pupils at Kings Avenue School attended a Bread Making Added Benefits session with Anna Fox from the Development team.

Added Benefits Session St Judes Primary School
22 January 2018

The pupils of St Judes Primary School enjoyed an added benefits assembly and bread making sessions

Sudbourne Primary School Gingerbread house
15 December 2017

David Redding created a beautiful centre piece for Sudbourne Primary Schools Christmas Lunch

Maytree Nursery Ginger bread house
15 December 2017

Maytree Nursery Created a stunning ginger bread house as a centre piece for their Christmas Lunch

Effra Ginger Bread House
15 December 2017

The team at Effra School created this stunning Ginger bread house as a centre piece for their Christmas Lunch

Jessop School Ginger Bread house
15 December 2017

The team at Jessop School created this amazing Ginger bread house as a centre piece for their Christmas lunch

Christchurch Brixton Celebrate Christmas
15 December 2017

John and the team decorated the dining room to celebrate Christmas with the pupils at Christchurch Brixton

Allen Edwards School Christmas Lunch
15 December 2017

The Team at Allen Edwards ready and waiting to celebrate Christmas Lunch with the Pupils

Loughborough School Gingerbread House
14 December 2017

Matt Jackson & the team at Loughborough School create a stunning centre piece for the schools Christmas lunch

St Helens Christmas Lunch
14 December 2017

The Team at St Helens School Celebrate Christmas Lunch with the Pupils

Triangle Ginger Bread House
07 December 2017

Triangle nursery created this beautiful ginger bread house as a centre piece for their Christmas Lunch

Jubilee School Council
14 November 2017

Pupils at Jubilee brainstorm and give feedback on their lunches..

Christchurch Brixton celebrates Black History Month
16 October 2017

The team at Christchurch Brixton celebrate Black history month with a special themed menu

Black History Month
10 October 2017

John at CCB celebrates Black History Month with style

Cencus Day
05 October 2017

Lambeth Schools enjoy a Build Your Own Burger Day on Cencus Day... Archbishop goes all out with the presentation

Claire goes to the o2 in a private box
10 September 2017

Claire Bird the Winner of the Operations Gold Award enjoys the VIP treatment at the Basket Ball at the 02... We Recognise and Reward

Signage and Displays
01 September 2017

All sites are now starting to roll out signage for the pupils.. We love to cook and educate the pupils

Pirates of the Caribbean Picnic Day Christchurch Brixton
20 July 2017

The pupils at Christchurch Brixton were treated to a special Pirates of the Caribbean themed picnic lunch. John and his team worked hard to make the day special for the pupils by decorating the dining room, dressing up and making the menu pirate themed finished off with amazing cupcakes for dessert

Fruit Pizza Making
19 July 2017

The pupils at St Bedes enjoyed a Fruit Pizza making added benefits session.

Winner Marketing & Events
13 July 2017

John Page and Team from Christchurch Brixton Marketing and events winner

Winner Certificate of Appeciation
13 July 2017

Tracy Jeeves from Micheal Tippet

Winner Training & Development
13 July 2017

Maria Carvalho from St Stephens School Training and Development winner

Winner Financial Acumen
13 July 2017

Basirat Yusef & team from Archibishop Sumner

Winner Client & Customer Satisfaction
13 July 2017

Sharon Gordon from Iqra School

Winner Rising Star
13 July 2017

Michelle Holverson from Kings Avenue School

Winner Operational Excellence
13 July 2017

Pauline Johanes from St Andrews School

Winner Relief Team
13 July 2017

Yetunde on behalf of Brenda Charles

Winner Operations Managers Award Bronze
13 July 2017

Jennifer Samuels from Herbert Morrison School

Winner Operations Managers Award Silver
13 July 2017

Giovvana Norval from Loughborough School

Winner Operations Managers Award Gold
13 July 2017

Claire Bird from Walnut Tree School

Winner Litmus/Consortium Production Kitchen Award
13 July 2017

The team from Archibishop Sumner School

Winner Litmus/Consortium Most improved school
13 July 2017

The team from Heathbrook School

Winner Litmus/Consortium Dining Centre Award
13 July 2017

Debbie Smith collecting on behalf of Monica Aurelien from Triangle Nursery

Winner Certificate of Appeciation
13 July 2017

Moulay Anouar Idrissi Antar

Winner Certificate of Appeciation
13 July 2017

Janet Shogbonyo from Heathbrook School

13 July 2017

Aminata from Jessop school retiring after 28 years dedicated service. Enjoy your well earned rest

Good Luck
13 July 2017

Good luck Andrea from Archibishop Sumner who leaves us to go on maternity leave

Parent Taster Session Iqra
07 July 2017

Parent taster session at Iqra primary school

Wimbledon Theme Day
06 July 2017

John and his team ready to serve an "Ace" Wimbledon themed lunch to the pupils at Christchurch Brixton.

Parent Taster Session Boniville School
05 July 2017

Parent taster session held at Boniville school

Added Benefits Bread Making St Johns Divine
26 June 2017

The pupils from St Johns Divine school enjoyed a bread making added benefits session

Fathers day lunch St Stevens
20 June 2017

St Stevens hosted a special Fathers day lunch

Taster at Sudbourne
13 June 2017

Debbie Smith completes a two part taster session at Sudbourne School. Many tried and much more enjoyed the foods with amazing feedback

Come Dine With Me
16 May 2017

Stockwell invite some of the parents in to try our foods, great turn out and positive feedback

Healthy Eating assembly
10 May 2017

St Andrews enjoy a Healthy Eating assembly with our Chef Trainer Adam Denny

Staff retirement
05 May 2017

Happy retirement to Peal from Christchurch Streatham. Enjoy your well deserved rest after 20+ years of dedicated service

18 April 2017

Larkhall enjoy our fresh new hospitality menu

Area Meeting
15 April 2017

Area Managers and The Development Team hold a training meeting with the Chefs.. Updates and Upgrades!

Walnut Trees Special Easter Lunch
29 March 2017

Claire and her team celebrate Easter in style.

Service at Stockwell
28 March 2017

The Staff at Stockwell smile on service with their new and improved counter

Bread Tasting
19 March 2017

Claire Bird the Chef Manager at Walnut Tree tries out new bread; Cheese, Olive, beetroot, Plain and Tumeric. Flavours of the world!

Christ Church Brixton Pie Day
18 March 2017

John and his team celebrate National Pie Week with smiles

Added Benifits and Herbert Morrison
16 March 2017

Adam Denny completes a bread making and a assembly at Herbert Morrison School

Service Improvements at Larkhall
08 March 2017

Larkhall receive a service upgrade!

Assembly at St Stephens
07 March 2017

Anna Fox educates the pupils on healthy eating at St Stephens school

Herbert Morrisons Fresh Service
24 February 2017

Herbert Morrison goes live with there new service revamp

Stockwells New Service
24 February 2017

Stockwell get a service restyle with a modern twist

St Johns Angell Town
24 February 2017

St Johns Angell have a service revamp and also receive a fantastic 100% on there consortium audit

ChristChurch Brixton Taster Day
22 February 2017

John completed a fantastic Taster Day for the parents at his school

Herbert Morrison Service Revamp
21 February 2017

Herbert Morrison gets a new service improvement -What a difference!

Loughboroughs Grow Garden
09 February 2017

Loughborough pupils go all green fingers with there grow garden

Chinese New Year
30 January 2017

John and his team again goes all out for his Chinese New Year 2017

Bonneville Assembly
25 January 2017

JoeJoe and Nick entertain and educate the pupils at Bonneville

St Saviours Fruit Pizza
19 January 2017

Anna Fox shows and educates the pupils a fruit pizza

Christchurch Streaham
09 January 2017

Tayo and her dining centre team completes a fantastic taster session and receives positive feedback

JoeJoe and Megan
21 December 2016

Megan our new Nutritionist meets JoeJoe at Stockwell Primary School

Christmas at Lansdowne
20 December 2016

Olumjimi does her Christmas Dinner of 2016

15 December 2016

The kitchen staff at Heathbrook receive a warm thank you for there Christmas Lunch

Walnut Tree
15 December 2016

Walnut Tree goes all out with there Christmas Dinner. Sharon Hall did quote "The best Christmas Dinner in 17 Years"

Jubilee Christmas
15 December 2016

Penny and Pascoal our new Chef celebrate there Christmas Lunch with the client

Elm Court
15 December 2016

Elm Court does a wonderful Christmas Dinner

Effra Christmas Lunch
15 December 2016

Karen Williams and the team complete there Christmas Lunch of 2016

14 December 2016

Remi and her team do there first Christmas Lunch in there new kitchen.Penny and Angela popped in to support. Great Feedback from the pupils and client

Ashmole Christmas
14 December 2016

Tina and her team to there Christmas Lunch of 2016. Great smiles and great food

Christmas at St Helens
14 December 2016

Maxine and her team do there Christmas Lunch of 2016. Penny and Angela also visited them on there special day

14 December 2016

Moulay done a fantastic Christmas Lunch for the pupils at Livity

Holy Trinity
10 December 2016

Tai with her Christmas Tree Log

Christchurch Brixton
08 December 2016

John and his team make his Christmas Lunch extra special. John also recieved a visit from Graham Miles

Christmas at Holmewood
07 December 2016

The staff at Holmewood have there Christmas Lunch. Smiles all round

Christmas at St Judes
07 December 2016

The staff at St Judes kick off the day with a fantastic Christmas Lunch

Christmas at Herbert Morrison
07 December 2016

Jennifer lights up her Yule log for her Christmas Dinner - The school even tweeted the special day

Christmas at Bonneville
07 December 2016

The staff at Bonneville do a fantastic Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch
07 December 2016

Giovanna and Ric complete 1 of 3 Christmas Lunches at Loughborough

Christmas at Sudbourne
02 December 2016

Sudbourne kick off the Christmas Dinners in Lambeth. The children loved the food

Bread Making Assembly at St Helens with JoeJoe
29 November 2016

Nick Weight visits St Helens and educates the pupils with healthy eating and a bread making class

Sensory and Joe Joe
28 November 2016

Jamie white in our Development team does a sensory lesson with the pupils at Allen Edwards. Would you know your sweet from your sour?

Jessop Fruit Pizza
25 November 2016

Jamie white entertain and educates the pupils at Jessop with a bread making class.

Bread Making and Assembly at Holy Trinty
24 November 2016

Nick Weight holds a bread making assembly at Holy Trinity Primary - Fantastic turn out

Hospitality at Heathbrook
15 November 2016

Heathbrook enjoy a new selection from our Hospitality Menu

International Day at Holy Trinity
10 November 2016

Tai and her team do a fantastic International Day with JoeJoe the crow. The pupils and the head was fully involved and had a great turnout

Stockwell Assembly
07 November 2016

Nick Weight does a healthy eating assembly at Stockwell Primary School. Fantastic feedback and a well educated experience

Duo Themed Day at Christ Church Brixton
24 October 2016

John Page and his team does a fantastic International day and Black History Month themed lunch - over 15 different salads.

International Day at Jubilee
21 October 2016

Penny and Stacey at Jubilee do a fantastic International Lunch..

Stockwell Taster
11 October 2016

Rejoyce our new Chef Manager at Stockwell School does a fantastic taster for the parent consultation.

Taster at Christ Church Streatham
10 October 2016

Tayo and the team at Christ Church Streatham do a lunch taster session. Quote from one of the governor " always tasty and fresh, what we like to see and eat"

International Day at Wanlut Tree
07 October 2016

Walnut Tree School celebrate International Day - Massive turn out with smiles all round

Allen Edwards
07 October 2016

Rosemary and her team at Allen Edwards celebrate Black History Month with a themed menu

Farm to fork
29 September 2016

Litmus Contracts Manager - Graham Miles, with Chef Manager Pat at Heathbrook shares his appreciation with the bespoke designed "farm to fork" board. Service with style and knowledge

28 September 2016

Jubilee staff members receive their Most Improved Kitchen gift vouchers from Graham Miles

28 September 2016

Larkhall staff receive their Production Kitchen gift vouchers from Graham Miles

28 September 2016

Caroline from Maytree receives her Best Dining Award gift voucher from Graham Miles

Breakfast at Archibishop
27 September 2016

Morning Breakfast starts at Archibishop. Remi and Christina give the morning smile with a selection of healthy foods

Before and After
27 September 2016

Macaulay has a new kitchen built. The before and after

St Johns Angell Town
12 September 2016

The opening of St Johns Angell Town School. All the children loved coming to the new serving area and having fresh food made on site

Lansdown School
12 September 2016

New School, New Kitchen.. Lansdown pupils enjoy there scrumptious Lunch in the newly built school which opened today

Winner: Financial Acumen
15 July 2016

Our Managing Director Neil Fuller awards Donata from Bonneville School the Financial Acumen Award. The reception children joined in with a round of applause

Food for Thought
15 July 2016

Nick Weight entertain and educate the children at Macaulay School with an Assembly on heathy eating. A thumbs up all round

Taster Session
14 July 2016

Penny Hart at Jubilee does a taster session in the sun. Fantastic turn out and lots of great feedback

Rio Theme Day
14 July 2016

Our Marketing and Events winner John Page does a colourful Rio theme day for the Olympics

Lambeth Awards
13 July 2016

The Management team hold an Awards Evening for all staff

The Team
13 July 2016

The Management team with Divisional Director Penny Richards, start the Awards Night

Winner: Operational Excellence
13 July 2016

Jackie Powell wins the Operational Excellence Award from St Johns Devine

Winner: Marketing and Events
13 July 2016

John Page wins the Marketing and Events Award from Christ Church Brixton School

Winner: Training and Development
13 July 2016

Christine Porter from Macaulay School wins the Training and Development Award

Winner: St Bedes Staff win the Customer Service Award
13 July 2016

Staff at St Bedes win the Customer Service Award

Winner: Rising Star
13 July 2016

Penny Hart from Jubilee School wins the Rising Star Award

Winner: Operations Manager BRONZE
13 July 2016

Claire Bird wins the Operations Manager Bronze Award

Winner: Litmus/Consortium Award - Kitchen
13 July 2016

Litmus Partnership and Lambeth Consortium award Fola on behalf of Elm Court School for the Best Kitchen Award

Winner: Operational Excellence SILVER
13 July 2016

Tracey Jeeves from Michael Tippet School wins the Operations Manager Silver Award

Winner: Operational Excellence GOLD
13 July 2016

Giovanna Norval from Loughborough School wins the Operations Manager GOLD Award

Winner: Litmus/Consortium Award - Most Improved Kitchen
13 July 2016

Litmus Partnership and Lambeth Consortium award Penny and Moulay on behalf of all staff at Jubilee School - The Most Improved Kitchen Award

Certificate of Appreciation
13 July 2016

Rosemary Sottiuax from Stockwell School receives a Certificate of Appreciation for all her hard work this year

On Behalf / Winners
13 July 2016

Other Winners Include: Caroline Olorunfemi - Litmus/Consortium - Dining Centre Award All staff at Larkhall 

Litmus/Consortium - Production Kitchen Award Jean Russell

 - Relief Team Award Winthrop Cummings - Certificate of Appreciation

Taster Session
12 July 2016

Pat and her team do a Nursery taster at Heathbrook School. A great turnout including Parent Governors.

07 July 2016

Penny Hart - Chef Manger at Jubilee Primary School entered the LACA finishing touches and walks away with an Amazing BRONZE award!! Fantastic job!!!!

Breakfast Taster at Jessop
16 June 2016

Justina at Jessop School does a Breakfast Taster with the parents at the schools Parent Forum. Healthy Choices with a great turn out.

Queens Birthday
10 June 2016

John at Christ Church Brixton does a fantastic job on Her Majesty the Queens Birthday. Excellent work. #Queens 90th

Assembly at Holy Trinity
08 June 2016

Nick our Executive Chef and Lisa our Chef Trainer visited Holy Trinity School. The Children love to learn!

High Marks
07 June 2016

Stringent audits come with stringent marking but Jackie Powell, Chef Manager at St Johns Devine receives a whopping 99.2% on her ESB audit! A job well done

Taster at Stockwell
25 May 2016

Karen Williams completed a Taster Session at Stockwell School. This received great interest with lots of parents attending. Good Job all round

Taster Session
13 May 2016

Sharon from Orchard does an outside "el fresco" taster session for parents after school. A fantastic turn out.

Joe Joe at Archibishop
03 May 2016

Joe Joe visits the opening of Archibishop Sumner. Fantastic turn out and a big thumbs up from the Head Mrs Ovenden.

Assesmbly time
26 April 2016

Jamie White - Development Chef welcomes the children at Macaulay school with an assembly on healthy eating

Taster Session at St Andrews
18 April 2016

Pauline, Chef Manager at St Andrews does a fantastic taster session. Winning smile with winning food! Great work with a fantastic turn out

Taster Session at Macaulay
13 April 2016

Christine at Macaulay School brings in a lot of parents at her taster session. The session received positive feedback with now more children eating school dinners

Easter Lunch at Christchurch Brixton
23 March 2016

John and the team went all out to provide the pupils at Christchurch Brixton with a fun Easter Lunch. As always the children enjoyed and appreciated the teams efforts.

Parents Taster session Jubilee Primary School
08 March 2016

Parents received the opportunity to taste the school meals at Jubilee. This opportunity was also used to meet and greet the new Cook Manager Penny Hart. This session was very well received and we obtained some fantastic feedback including some great compliments from parent governors

Parent Assembly at Holy Trinity Primary School
05 February 2016

Nick Weight, Caterlinks Primary Executive Chef, conducted a Parents Assembly at Holy Trinity which was very well received by parents

Kings Avenue Yule Log
15 December 2015

One of the entries to this years Yule Log competition entered by Veronika.

Thank you John
15 December 2015

Pupils and staff said a huge thank you to John today for providing such a fantastic and memorable Christmas Lunch.

Christmas Fun
14 December 2015

Christchurch Brixton held a fun filled day for the Christmas Lunch John our catering manager served a number of delights to the children.

Spooky Desserts
23 October 2015

John, Chef Manager at Christchurch Brixton served up some ghoulish delights for the pupils.

Recruiting now
08 October 2015

We are currently recruiting for Chef Managers, Cook Managers and Assistant Cooks within Lambeth. Caterlink is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults and expects all employees to share this commitment. An enhanced DBS disclosure must be obtained for this role. If you would like to apply please send us your details through our contact us page.

Maytree Nursery
03 July 2015

Parents at Maytree Nursery enjoyed tasting some of the dishes that will feature on our new Autumn Menu.

Parent Tasting Sessions
25 June 2015

Parents and the afterschool club were treated to some of the new Autumn dishes at Heathbrook Primary School. This was hosted by our new Craft Trainer Luigi Lipparelli.

Afternoon Tea Archbishop Sumner
19 May 2015

Afternoon Tea Caterlink Style prepared by Caterlink’s new Development Chef Jamie White – Traditional afternoon tea for Assistant Head Teacher at Archbishop Sumner Church of England Primary School in Lambeth.

Jubilee taster session
12 May 2015

Caterlinks Support Management Team waiting for parents to sample dishes from the new summer menu. Parents and children thoroughly enjoyed this session.

Parent Taster Session at Walnut Tree Walk Primary School
13 March 2015

Parents were treated to a taste of school lunch dishes at Walnut Tree Walk Primary Schools Spring Fayre.

Parent Taster Session at Ashmole Primary
10 March 2015

Parents enjoyed a taste of some of the new summer menu dishes at Ashmole Primary

Meet the New Senior Team
20 January 2015

We are delighted to introduce our new senior team left to right - Angela Hogan Operations Manager, Veronika Lorencava Operations Support Manager, Tunde Adeyeni Support Manager and Bruce McLennan Development Chef.

Parent Taster afternoon Heathbrook Primary
20 January 2015

Parents at Heathbrook Primary experienced some taster dishes of items from the school lunch menu

Canapes at City Heights
05 December 2014

The team are proud to show off the canapés made for a City Heights function.

Caterlink Staff are Proud
01 December 2014

Catering staff at Michael Tippett stand on display with the school lunches, looking very smart in their new uniforms.

Serving up a storm at Herbet Morrison
20 November 2014

Staff at Herbert Morrison have enjoyed preparing the new food offer to pupils

Maytree Nursery
10 October 2014

Parents at Maytree Nursery, were treated to a taster of the lunches their children are currently enjoying daily. Feedback from the parents was very positive, commenting on the fresh produce Caterlink use daily within the kitchens.

Taster Session at St Stephens Primary School
08 October 2014

Nick Weight welcomed parents and pupils at our taster session held at St Stephens Primary School. Good comments on the new menu cycle and dishes we are producing were received.

Focus on Food Event
23 July 2014

Following last weeks event over 100 people attended our event representing 25 schools they included catering staff, parents, pupils and school governors. Visit our menu page to download our newsletter covering the event.

Focus on Food Event
13 July 2014

This Tuesday 15th July we will be holding our Focus on Food Event from 3pm till 5.30pm where will be hosting an exhibition at Loughborough Primary School. This is principally an opportunity for the catering staff to meet the senior team and learn more about the provenance of the produce we purchase, as well as getting to know our partners in supplying fresh and seasonal produce and to explore the range of support services that will be on offer to them within Caterlink. Our suppliers will be bringing along selections of produce that we purchase to cater for the pupils at your school from September and be available to discuss how they work with Caterlink to support our sustainability commitments.

24 June 2014

Caterlink are delighted to have been awarded the catering contract for the schools within the Lambeth Consortium from September 2014. This web site will keep you up to date with news and features along with downloads of the current menu. You can also contact us through our contact us page with any queries.



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